The Art of Living Matrimony

Nagarjun Vijay & Rini Thakur

"Marriage is where two people, whose hearts and minds are united, who care for each other and who share a sacred bond nourished by love, companionship and faith" - Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar ji Human Beings are social beings and need good life time friendship, good conversationalists, Companions. If their companions are complementary in skills they are mutually beneficial to each other and society in general. Rini Thakur believed in this and she found the perfect life partner with guidance from Gurudev and using the platform the She is very happy about, her choice of husband as he is dependable companion with compatible skills that as a life partner they can work as one unit to serve society and the country at large. Nagarjun Vijay also considers himself very lucky man to have found his wife, on the Art of Living Marriage Bureau. He considers his wife as a partner in equal and a companionship that will benefit him, his family and all others whom they will every interact with. Nagarjun Vijay was instantly connected to her not only for her honesty, but he says that Rini Thakur was a combination of charm and beauty. They both quipped, “the most important thing for us is to be honest with each other and that is what attracted me to her in the first place.” However, their first meeting was all about anticipation. “We were absolutely clueless what to talk about,” says Rini Thakur and continues, “But fortunately, he started the conversation.” Nagarjun Vijay had liked her in the first meeting, he said,“I felt a clear connection with her and felt that Gurudev guided me to her. Nagarjun Vijay said “he was confident about marrying her after he got to understand her, her qualities, her beliefs, the principles she lives on.