The Art of Living Matrimony

Manan Patelia & Bhagyabati Pal

Here is a couple who bonded with each other instantly, since both of them believe that family and culture are very important. Manan kick-starts this interview saying that he had always desired a lovely lady who would embrace his kith and kin with all her heart and also...a chatty person to enliven life! He says, 'It would sound unbelievable to you. I found the perfect girl, with all the qualities I had envisioned for a long time! I think the mantra of the partner search process is to be consistent in your approach. I never drifted away from focus and by the Almighty's grace, it was a successful search, and we thank Art of Living Matrimony for pmbeing the best medium.' Mama's boy! Bhagyabathi agrees to his take on their marriage story and says, "When I first saw him, his smile gave me a feeling of care and comfort. And when I had a real-time talk with him, I discovered his love for his mother. It was a lovely thing to know that he loves and respects his mother and his other family members. That I related to and it assured me that he would respect and care for me and my family as well. " Memorable moment after marriage... One memorable moment, both recall was Manan's birthday that Bhagyabathi celebrated in a rather unique way. She had a grand cake and a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered to Manan just when the party was about to begin. Manan was thrilled and touched and so was his entire family. Mmanan says, " Later on she surprised me further by gifting me a beautiful watch, T-Shirt and tea mugs, imprinted with both our pictures."