The Art of Living Matrimony

Anand R Menon & Malavika

when Malvika, an IT professional from Edakkulam, Kerala met Anand, an Engineer from Kodungallur, Kerala. Read More

Saurabh Chopra & Mani Goswami

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Nikhil Shivratri & Mukulika Kashyopi

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Bhushan Shimpi & Mamta Bhandarkar

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Neal Israni & Ritu Phogat

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Siddhartha Mathur & Prerna

Siddharth and Prerna's love story began on our matrimony app, and it's been a journey filled with joy and success. From exchanged texts to shared dreams, their connection blossomed with each passing d... Read More

Saurabh Katkurwar & Shrutika Ambhore

Here is what Shrutika Ambhore has to share on how she found a perfect match on The Art of Living Matrimony!"It was such a task to find a person pursuing career in journalism and having shared interest... Read More

Balaji Narayanasamy & Divitha Nair

Balaji, an Engineer from California met Divitha, a Business Analyst from Seattle and frienship blossomed over time while volunteering for The Art of Living activities. When Divitha's father discovered... Read More

Hari Krishnan M & Lakshmi V

Lakshmi, doing seva at Bengaluru Ashram, and Hari Shankar, working in Dubai, "met" on The Art of Living Matrimony portal. A few conversations, a strong connection, and families instantly bonding led t... Read More

Harikrishna K & Aakanksha Sisodiya

Aakanksha Sisodiya and Harikrishna tied the knot in North meets South wedding filled with love, joy and blessings in the Bengaluru Ashram.When we asked them what attracted them to each other, this is... Read More